I am Labici Danut.
Marketer, DevOps & Coder
Based in Baia Mare, Romania.


More About Me.

Hi, I'm Danut Labici, but you can call me Daniel. I'm a multidisciplinary developer from Romania. I build websites, infographics, and digital products. Development to me is a way of life. It's not a job but a passion that I grow with every day. I've been a self-taught developer for most of my career and has been dabbling with code and 3D software.

I've been fortunate to work with successful companies and talented individuals that have helped me with my journey on becoming a better person. I love learning and creating innovative solutions for the digital world, always striving for perfection and the best possible result.

While working on the projects I learned so much, but most especially I learned that to achieve the goal of making the web a better place I have to trust in teamwork, latest technology and intuition.

Just like everyone else, I love sports, especially Volleyball, Music, Games and going out/socializing with people!

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What I Do.

Being a self-taught individual I can help you with a wide range of problemes. I especially excel at SEO, Marketing and UX. I love challenges and new technologies, so I'm always open for something new!

  • Branding and Marketing

    Brand Development
    Search Engine Optimization
    Marketing Campaigns (Paid / Organic)
    Social Media

  • DevOps and Infrastructure

    AWS deployments
    Puppet (Master / Slave)
    Docker / Vagrant
    Linux, Windows and Mac

  • Web Design - UI/UX Design

    eCommerce Websites
    Company Websites
    General Support

  • Web QA Automation

    Selenium WebDriver (with JAVA)


I've Got Some Skills.

Starting very early age, back in 2009, I was lucky enough to see the Web2.0 explode, see PageRank(PR) become a thing of the past, Yandex ditching Backlinks as a ranking factor, saw the boom of "Flat / Minimal Design", but also saw new technologies emerge and capture important parts of the market! Looking back, I can say that I was at the right time in the right place, and I couldnot be happier that I got to experience those changes!

  • 100%
    Marketing / SEO
  • 100%
    Team Work / Socializing
  • 95%
    HTML5 / CSS3
  • 90%
    Branding / PR
  • 65%
    PHP / JScript
  • 60%
    Java / Python

Career and Education

More of My Experience.

I'm lucky enough to say that I worked with Mozilla, Softvision, HiKendama and that I have a degree that I proudly have on my wall
which I got from Google!


Sept 2017 - To Date


TeamLeader - DevOps for Mozilla

Team Leader: Oversee daily tasks and team performance
Training: Work togheter with the company to train new employees
Client: Daily and Weekly interaction with the Client, Manager, Other Teams in the organization and Mozilla's employees.
Dev Work: Develop tooling for existing software/services for the team to use.
Other: Participate to training sessions and make sure all Mozilla Infra problems are being dealt with quickly and effeciently.

Jan 2014 - Aug 2017

HiKendama LLC

Project Manager and Marketing Director

Website Setup: I have been tasked with building up the website, which uses Wordpress+wooCommerce as it's core engine, and make sure that every system is working as expected.
Website Maintenance: Keep the website core and it's plugins up to date. This was a daily tasks that was always a priority, but also keep the website clean of spam comments or anything that didn't belong on any of our pages.
Search Engine Optimization: OnPage and OffPage, this task was been done at least 2 times a week and it included everything you should expect, such as: High Quality Backlink generation, Outreaching influences, Forging partnerships (one of the best example is that we are featured and partnered by the best Kendama sub-reddit and our posts/shares are always well received.)
Promotions: Was in charge of keep tabs on dates and promotions. A general promotion always started with an idea and/or theme, stock/inventory management, proposed prices (to be approved by the CEO), PR, Newsletter and some Customer Service (when was needed, really rare).
Other: Had formed an officially sponsored Hi Kendama team which consisted, at on point, of over 10 players. Created the backbone for our Affiliate program, Was doing "Year in Review Blogs" and much much more.

Nov 2013 - Nov 2014


Marketing Director

■ Lead the implementation of Marketing BI/Reporting including following use cases: campaign performance, lead lifecycle, demand waterfall, attribution, and channel effectiveness
■ Building event concepts from scratch and adopting global (internal and external) best practices adapted to our niche (mmo games)
■ Maintaining and enriching network of contacts (bloggers, reviewers, streamers, youtube personalities etc.)

Other duties I was involved with:
OnPage/OffPage SEO
Off-Site Marketing
SEM (from Implementation to tracking to reporting)
Some HTML/CSS Development

Nov 2012 - Sep 2013 /

Marketing Director

■ Successfully developed, executed and managed integrated marketing plans for a variety of B2B and B2C clients.
■ Budgeting and planning of all physical marketing activities of the company in the region.
■ Researching, creating and maintaining of marketing events concepts with varying levels of participation and support
■ Analyzing the results of the activity and implement new approaches and ideas to secure YoY growth and improvement

Other tasks that I was dealing with, on a daily/weekly basis:
Backlinks creation
PageRank optimization
InPage Optimization
Online marketing
Social Marketing
Other related jobs




Digital Marketing Certification

The Digital Marketing Certification consists of 23 modules wich cover a wide range of subjects that include: Digital Marketing, eCommerce and Tools, Software and Services to Promote Websites, Email Marketing and Paid Advertising

2011 - 2013

North University of Baia Mare

Economics and IT

Economics, Business Management and Programming

2007 - 2011

L.P.S CSS Baia Mare

Bachelor Degree in Sports, VolleyBall


See My Latest Projects.

This is were I poured all my hearth and passion, to achieve a better result!

FellCleave is a fan site dedicated to providing quality guides for the game Final Fantasy XIV. has been built by a team with varied and in depth experiences who are also passionate about mmorpgs and website development/management. Access Website

FellCleave - Concept / Mockup

Early stages of the mockup. Click on view mockup to see it live!

FellCleave - Wireframe

From idea to wireframe on paper!


NonProfit Organization Details


Hi Kendama is a kendama shop, established and grown since 2013. Located in Honolulu (Hawaii) and a company that strives to offer quality kendama for players around the world. Visit


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Currently I am open for part-time / over-the-weekend jobs!
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